Release of The Hidden Hand

The long awaited Sept., 1st, 2013 release of The Hidden Hand is finally happening! We would like to thank everyone who has helped us over the years.
Gravitas is distributing it via VOD in North America.
Please review it. That helps!

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Best Documentary at the Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival


The Hidden Hand won it’s 4th Award for Best Documentary at the Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival on 8 December.

Thanks to everyone who attended. Some interesting questions posed at the Q/A Panel. Each case of alien contact is multifaceted and complex. As with everything in life, we cannot view people, situations and experiences from a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

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Aliens to Zombies Film Festival Award

Aliens to Zombies Film Festival names winners
October 11, 2012

HOLLYWOOD (October 11, 2012) _ The Aliens to Zombies Film Festival has named the winners of its competition honoring the best in science fiction, horror, documentary and post-pocalyptic filmmaking.

Winners, runner-ups and honorable mentions will be honored on Oct. 29-30 at the W Hotel in Hollywood as part of the Aliens to Zombies Convention (


WINNER: “The Hidden Hand” – James Carman

RUNNER-UP: “The Observers” – Elana Schulman

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Hip To Be A Hybrid – Music

Song by Carrie Beehan – Trystette

Performance Artist/Musician – Carrie Beehan worked with director James Carman on this film during it’s formative stage and had an opportunity for an in-depth study of the alien and UFO information at hand. She wrote this song after a dream she had of a fleet of spaceships overhead her apartment in the East Village in Manhattan.

Director Jame Carman will be in London at the premier of his film, “The Hidden Hand” showing at the Apollo Theatre in Piccadilly Circus on 4th and 7th October.

If aliens and UFOs interest you and you’re in the UK, check out this link:

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