Praise for The Hidden Hand

“James Carman has put together one of the most original and touching portrayals of humanity’s ongoing struggle to understand the most profound mystery of our time: our interaction with the beings who are behind the UFO phenomenon — whoever and whatever they are. Artfully put together, it features many voices that have not previously been heard, and offers perspectives all of us can learn from.”
– Richard Dolan, Historian and Author of, UFOs and the National Security State Vol. I and II, and A.D. After Disclosure

“As the old notion that we are alone in the universe falls away and the general public begins taking the UFO subject seriously, James Carman’s “The Hidden Hand” takes its rightful place as one of the films that will bring a better understanding of our reality and the future.”
– Jim Marrs, author of “Alien Agenda”

“The Hidden Hand, produced and directed by James Carman, is one of the best documentaries about the complex puzzle of the UFO phenomena that I have seen in my long career as a TV producer and investigative journalist.¬¬… I felt encouraged that maybe 21st Century citizens beyond governments might be the truth tellers who finally crack open the Big Lie that we’re alone in this universe. But I also felt the weary reality that government agencies have the countering power to keep the secret “at all costs” from the public and media for their own self-survival. While we wait for government self-interest to shift to more truth, James Carman’s film should be seen by everyone who wonders why politicians who love the limelight won’t touch the UFO mystery.”
– Linda Moulton Howe¬, Emmy award winning producer and author of “Glimpses of Other Realities, Volumes I and II”

“James Carman’s documentary “The Hidden Hand” provides a sharp look at the issues behind the “embargo” imposed by the United States and other nations on formal acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The film is a particularly notable for its emphasis on the experiences of contactees.”
– Stephen Bassett, Director of Paradigm Research Group

“The last pole conducted here in the United States showed that 72% of the population now believes the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico event was the actual crash of an extraterrestrial craft, complete with bodies and a 60 year cover up by the United States Government. UFO’s are the second largest subject on the Internet. I suggest every single person world wide; take 80 minutes out of their daily lives and view “THE HIDDEN HAND”. It is truly a documentary that will enlighten, and expand your view of the entire subject of UFO’s. Listen and learn from respected scientific investigators about the TRUTH regarding the UFO subject.”
– Dr. Roger Leir, author of “The Aliens and the Scapel”.

“The Hidden Hand lays all the cards on the table. This film allows humanity to see the bigger picture of who and what we are as a race. It allows us to ask greater questions that most of us have yet to contemplate: It is not whether we are alone, but what is our cosmic role in the galactic community?”
– Alan Steinfeld, founder of

“Secrets, even those concealed by once trusted macro organizations like the government, when revealed are primarily personal, micro. The personal is where the undoing happens, allowing change to seed and take root. James Carman’s film The Hidden Hand seeds every viewer with UFO Extraterrestrial information. Initially this information activates harsh realities about our once trusted government, yet most of the pain is personal. Yes, we were lied to, but where it touches the tenderest nerve is that we lied to ourselves. The movie The Hidden Hand will…well, move you. However you awaken, please do it gently and thank James for his art and his courage.”
– Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, author of “Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind”