Outside the Box Film Festival (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) March 17th & 18th

//Outside the Box Film Festival (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) March 17th & 18th

Outside the Box Film Festival (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) March 17th & 18th

The Hidden Hand : Alien Contact and the Government Cover-up will be shown at the Outside the Box Film Festival on ______________ at ________________ time.
You can get tickets of more info at: http://www.outsidetheboxfilmfestival.com

About the Festival

OTBFF is dedicated to promoting cutting-edge filmmakers committed to the globally growing interests in Paranormal, Conspiratorial, and Inspirational films.


This one-of -kind film festival was specifically created in order to celebrate the daring filmmaker who is not afraid to explore, expose, and enlighten. Specifically, if your film’s subject matter is considered “on the fringe”, “controversial”, or “outside the norm” then your film is EXACTLY what we are looking for. This festival is meant for you!

Have you made a film dealing with a subject matter like alternative health cures, the political left-right paradigm or the financial meltdown that, although millions of people world-wide are actually interested in, is not considered “mainstream”?

Have you spent endless hours pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into a film that would absolutely amaze and even shock an audience into thinking and feeling an entirely different way the moment they finished watching your film?

Have you spent your hard earned money blanketing the film festival circuit with your cutting-edge film dedicated to exploring the Federal Reserve or a haunting poltergeist only to find it scheduled in between an action film on ‘roids and a comedy with talking animals?

We know how frustrating the process is. We’ve been there. And we know there are very few film festivals that celebrate such content and even fewer that honor films exploring paranormal, conspiratorial, and inspirational themes. It’s time for a change. Your film deserves its rightful audience and you deserve to be celebrated!

Be on the forefront!

The world is rapidly changing and amazing filmmakers around the globe are arming themselves with cameras, creating cutting edge films, with quality never seen before in these genres. Your work needs to be celebrated, heard, and more importantly… seen. Now more than ever. With the Outside the Box Film Festival and you, the sky’s truly the limit. Check us out. Submit your film now!
Website http://www.outsidetheboxfilmfestival.com



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