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Byron Bay International Film Festival – 2013 – MARCH 9th Screening

Byron Bay International Film Festival – 2013 – MARCH 1-10th

The Hidden Hand Screening


Pighouse Byron Theatre

Saturday, 9 March: 3.45pm

PIGHOUSE 3: $15.00

Filmmaker will be in attendance



The EBE award-winning feature documentary, ‘The Hidden Hand,’ examines the phenomena surrounding UFOs, Extra Terrestrials, alien abduction, and the US secret military cover-up of supposed extraterrestrial contact and back engineering of alien technology. The film incorporates interviews with military insiders like astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, and Col. John Alexander. It also interviews UFO experts like hypnotherapist, David Jacobs, and those who claim to have had actual extraterrestrial contact. Narrative scenes are interspersed throughout the film to shape the concepts of the film from complimentary viewpoints, weaving a tapestry of fact and fiction into a new worldview that may shocking and eye-opening for the viewer.


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